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NYSPHA Member Advocacy Tool Instructions

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This NYSPHA Member Advocacy Tool is a website built to enable NYSPHA members to contact the Governor, state senator/assemblyperson or federal senators/congressperson, depending on the issue, to make their views known on issues prioritized by NYSPHA.

Please read through the following instructions and use the link at the bottom of the page to access the Advocacy Tool.

Upon accessing the Advocacy Tool website, you will arrive at the Home Page where the issues and alerts will be displayed (the current issue is given here).  Click “Take Action” on the issue you wish to send.

Complete the FORM providing your name for the signature line of the email, and your home address so the system can determine which state senate, assembly, or federal congressional district you live in so your message can be sent to your correct elected official(s). 

Select the officials you wish to email (a white border will appear around each selected official). You can Ctrl+Click to select more than one official.

A pre-filled email will appear (see below).  Click send email to edit the message using your computer’s default email application. Once you have customized your message you can send the email. 

Note: The NYSPHA Alerting Tool will send your email through your computer’s default email application.
If necessary, how do I change my default email address application?

  1. Go to Windows settings.
  2. Click the Apps settings and select Default apps
  3. Click the current email app to display a choice of other email applications or browsers.
  4. Select the app/browser you want to use.


  1.         Launch the macOS native Mail client.
  2.         Click the Mail menu and select Preferences.
  3.        Click the Default Email Reader drop-down menu on the General tab.
  4.        Select an available app/browser.

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